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The best containerized platform for crypto mining is available for sale – the POD5

These are an investment in quality and configurability – not a poor substitute for a standard facility as so many projects are. Lower power costs (as low as .0475 cents per Kwh) are available when you own your own infrastructure.

  • 300 to 432 capacity with the new machine format.
  • Standard version @ 800000 net wattage & also the new design @ one millions net watt.
  • Diamond plate rubber matting on the internal walkway surface.
  • Rugged steel shelving that can be reconfigured when you purchase new machines.
  • Cisco 48 port managed switches control the networking.
  • Smart pressurized air flow & our evaporative cooling solution keeps the internal temperature well below that of the ambient air.
  • Custom PODVIEW software provide a remote view & diagnostic of the internal functioning of the POD.

We are designing around the new generation Bitmain machines as well as the DJMiner ‘whatsminer’ M20S.

The POD5 has beautiful design work & quality as well as a sophisticated chilled water cooling system. There are over 54 on order with the first operational unit on the ground in Ohio, the cooling system works well.

Click here to download the PDF book on the project.

Click here to view the POD5 video.

Our Partners.

Companies we work with and order from. This list will continue to grow.

Check back frequently for recommendations.

Bit5ive is among the largest and most respected hosting and service companies in the crypto space along with designing and manufacturing the POD5.

Bitmaintech Manufacture of the most popular mining machines in the world. Click here to find out more.

Creator of the original ASIC for BTC. Smaller high quality firm building long lived and sophisticated ASIC miners.
Click here to find out more.

A new manufacture with possibly the best efficiency available for the small to medium farm .
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How can we help you?

We have contracted high quality hosting for our clients, for ASIC miners and GPUs.

  • Bit5ive manages high quality site location, size, building footprint, & power for large-scale miner hosting with the most competitive rates in the market:
  • Our multiple locations around the United States are equipped to handle containers  and on-rack hosting.
  • Access to high capacity electrical capacity for further growth.
  • Reliable systems with a high percentage of uptimes or backup power system where necessary.
  • Site is secured fencing and/or security personnel.
  • On-site professionals in place for set-up, monitoring, R&M, new builds, optimization and upgrades
  • Growth plans are in place as undeveloped land is readily available for facility expansion and on-site containers. 
  •  Competitive power rates

We broker equipment both new and used for the crypto mining industry bringing together buyers and sellers in a fair and neutral space. We advise some of the largest professional miners’s on earth and newbies with basic questions. We advise on pools, coins, and check out new advances in equipment and personalities in the industry.

We will let you know whats coming down the road and if it is worth waiting for.
And last but not least advise when to recycle your equipment in preparation for the next generation. It is just as important to have a rolling forward strategy for selling as it is for buying.
We have the experience to help with these and many other questions.

Call for more information on hosting today!

Call Today: 1-775-220-1513

Note: All Antminer's listed here include PSU.


Please call with questions.

We have sold a large number of used and new machines over the years for reputable importers. We can arrange hosting and procure devices from suppliers all over the world at better prices than most folks end up paying. We are offering device hosting with 1 year contracts at 7.5 cents per KWH all inclusive. First two months upfront. With 20 units or over we will waive setup fees. Our hosting is provided by a world class operator with years of experience. No drama and no stories. We can arrange on site visits and/or Skype video walk-throughs.

For those of you with your own facility our knowledge can help you refresh your small or large farm not only by helping you buy new machines, but also by assisting you to recycle your current viable machines. A large part of the total profitability of mining is knowing when to sell.


If you are tired of dealing with opportunists and scammers give us a call.

Before you spend a fortune on an mining equipment on Ebay call us.

You will never in our view make up in coin the outrageous markup some are demanding. In our view the math does not work.

Be advised there are more efficient machines for less coming out in the next few weeks. An example The Bitmain T17 38 which has nearly the same low power consumption as an S9. It is fairly priced and well made and available for shipment this fall.

Ready to dive in to one of the fastest growing markets in the world?

Call or e-mail for quotes on devices that your or your group are looking for. Be advised that the market for machines is extremely dynamic and changes daily and some days hourly.

Also beware of “preorders” I just had an experience recently where we received quote which was too good to be true. I told the “seller scammer” I would fly out in the morning buy all he had for BTC and would personally drive them to Canada.

He would not give me a physical address and stopped answering the phone. “If it sounds to good to be true then it is not” my German grandmother would say. It has not changed that much since the old days. Be careful out there.