The Pod5 Data center


The POD5 Data Center

My partner, Tiffany and I, have been miners for over 10 years. During that time we have run into most of the issues that occur with mining BTC and Alt coins. Including, as a matter of course, the fires with GPU's.  It was refreshing and fun to be asked to represent this product, The POD5 data center was created by a genius with a passion for perfection. This product has been called by users the 

" Mercedes of the industry"


High quality construction and capacity

The POD5 will hold up to 360 of the newest generation machines, keeping them cool and safe in a variety of climatic conditions. The Pod is built to the highest standards in the industry clearly exceeding the  norms of the competition. Our control software gives the operators a concise and accurate picture of the Pods operation and allows remote control status of the miners. 


Our facility in Miami

American engineered and manufactured using the finest components from leading manufacturers. Turn around time is averaging between 8-12 weeks depending on quantity ordered. These units are operating in 5 states. Call us to set up an appointment for an onsite visit.


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